MCPCB Aluminum pcb
25 years of professional research and development, manufacturing metal circuit board (MCPCB)

What is MCPCB?

    What is MCPCB,MCPCB also called metal core circuit boardwhich uses copper, aluminum, iron and other metals as the core of the circuit board.


The role of MCPCB

     The role of MCPCB is to quickly transfer the heat generated by high-power electronic components and devices when they are powered on to the heat dissipation device, so that the heat dissipation device can dissipate the heat, and ensure the stable and reliable performance of high-power electronic components and devices.

What is professional MCPCB manufacturer ?

     Professional MCPCB manufacturer, can independently design thermal conduction, heat dissipation metal core circuit board for high-power electronic components, electronic devices MCPCB manufacturer.


  • MCPCB for high power semiconductor chip, component and device heat conduction

MCPCB application scenarios
bendable MCPCB
MCPCB   bendable
double-sided MCPCB
MCPCB  double-sided