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MCPCB manufacturer  Shenzhen KeRui High-tech Materials Co.,Ltd was founded in 1995, which is a high-tech enterprise specialized in high thermal conductivity metal based insulating electronic materials research, development, processing and Metal core PCB(Aluminum core PCB,Copper core PCB,Iron core PCB,Ceramic PCB,New composite core PCB) development of its secondary products.Our products are widely in automotive, communication, intelligent terminals, power, electronics, industrial control and medical, mechani cal equipment, household appliances, lighting and other fields.

  Through nearly 30 years of continuous exploration and development, We have cooperation with thousands of users,our company has accumulated a profound technology and rich production experience,cultivating a large number of technical personnel for the industry.We have over 40 patents,including ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 Quality Systems Authentication,UL Authentication,National High-tech authentication&“Specialized and Special new" Enterprises  authentication.Continuous improvement in the development process to maintain the best competitiveness of the company.

  We provide customers with comprehensive technical support for heat conduction / dissipation of semiconductor components. According to the needs of customers, we assist and participate in Develop heat conduction / dissipation solutions for customers independently. Our products have been widely used in enterprises in North America, Europe and Asia. High quality products and services, let us win the trust of customers, get the full recognition of customers, we are a well-known company in the industry.

ISO 14001:2015
IATF 16949:2016
ISO 9001:2015



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